Industrial Accidents

Industrial Site Accidents

Thousands of workers are injured or killed at work and industrial sites each year. Accidents involve falls, defective machinery, electrocution, fires and explosions. Injuries caused by these accidents are often severe and often result in a serious disability that prevents the injured worker from ever returning to work. Generally speaking, an injured worker in Arkansas may not sue his employer for ordinary negligence when an injury occurs. The exclusive remedy provision of the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Law protects employers from direct lawsuits by their employees for on-the-job injuries where the employer contributed to the accident. Claims must be filed with the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission, the state agency charged with administering claims under the Workers' Compensation Law.

Whenever someone hurts an employee other than an employer or a co-employee, however, the injured worker has the right to file a claim against the person who caused the injury. This scenario unfolds all too often in industrial settings. Third parties, including property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and manufacturers may all be liable for an injury or death when an accident occurs on the job. Examples of third-party negligence claims in factory and industrial settings include:

  • Dangerous and defective products, machinery and tools that cause an injury
  • Injuries caused by falls from scaffolding, cranes and ladders
  • Chemical burns through exposure to flammable and combustible materials
  • Injuries caused by fires and explosions
  • Forklift and heavy equipment injuries
  • Electrocution and burns

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